Start Your Pilates Journey with Intention

If you can see it, you can be it! Located in the North Village Arts District of beautiful downtown Columbia, Open Studio Pilates is passionate about helping you create the person you want to be—strong, flexible, and BALANCED in body, mind and spirit.

Sleek, Urban, Downtown Studio

Specializing in Mindful and Challenging Group Reformer Classes

Experience the Open Studio Pilates difference

  • All classes taught by by PMA® certified studio owner—no part-timers or apprentices.
  • Holistic approach focuses on truly being present in your practice with a meditative warm-up and cool-down—melded with constant, mindful, flow throughout.
  • Challenging workouts are theme-focused and change weekly, to keep your practice ever-moving forward.
  • Liberal prop usage: jumpboards, arcs, magic circles, balls, cushions, rollers, dowels, straps, leg-springs, spike-cushions, small balls, Foot-Wakers, etc.
  • Regularly scheduled classes: Tuesdays thru Saturdays—8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. (See link to MindBody online scheduler, for specific days and times).
  • Immaculately maintained modern studio with high-ceilings, sky-light, and FREE PARKING!


All classes are taught by Open Studio Pilates’ founder and owner, Laura Detert, PMA®-CPT, a qualified instructor of comprehensive pilates by Balanced Body and a Certified Pilates Instructor by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).



Joseph Pilates created his unique method of exercise for everyone to enjoy.  At Open Studio Pilates, we honor these beliefs—focusing on mindful and challenging group reformer classes.  Small classes, of up to 7 clients, keeps pilates affordable without sacrificing individual attention.  While group reformer is the studio’s focus, private sessions and duets are also offered on the reformer and tower—as well as “open studio” hours for experienced clients to practice skills or create their own workouts.

Laura’s teaching style is a unique combination of serene, meditative Buddha coupled with, no-holds-barred drill sergeant. Her reformer classes are ever-changing, body-challenging, stress relieving and best of all located here in Columbia, not NYC! I have been a client for years and can’t wait until my next class!”

- Sarah B.