Nov. 08 2011

Since my studio opened in March 2011, more and more men are finding their way into my studio.  My typical male client is quite strong in his arms and legs, however, often lacks stability in his core and flexibility in his hamstrings and shoulders.  Rather than continuing to build the areas where the client is already well-developed, my strategy is to work more subtly on his core strength and flexibility in the spine and limbs.

This strategy is also employed by Troy McCarty, world-renowned pilates instructor and studio owner, in Cleveland, OH.  Troy has been teaching pilates for the past 24 years.  He currently owns and runs 3 successful pilates studios (White Cloud Pilates Studios) in the Cleveland area.  His clients include members of the Cleveland Indians (major league baseball team) and the Cleveland San Jose Ballet.  I recently attended 2 workshops with Troy in Chicago, IL regarding his techniques for working with men on the Reformer.  Though many of the exercises demonstrated were designed for men, I can tell you first-hand that women will benefit from them too!  Look for the integration of these exercises and techniques in upcoming classes at Open Studio Pilates.  Find out more about Troy at  See you in class!  Doing is believing.  Less really can be more.

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