Why is Open Studio Pilates named
Open Studio Pilates?

The meaning behind the name “Open Studio Pilates” is multi-fold:

1 Affordable & Accessible

First, pilates studios, historically, have been a little “confining” and “closed-off,” typically catering to a select group of elite, private clientele. Open Studio Pilates (OSP) strives to be the opposite. The very core of “open studio pilates” is to be “open” to anyone interested in gaining the benefits of pilates and to do so in an affordable, accessible environment with the benefits of a knowledgeable, hands-on instructor providing individualized attention in a group setting.


2 Classical & Contemporary

Similarly, the practice of pilates can also be very rigid. Some leaders in the field of pilates go so far as to say, if you are not practicing “classical” pilates, than you are not actually practicing pilates at all. While OSP believes that the classical pilates method should be preserved, it also asserts that clients should benefit from advances in exercise physiology and methodology. Therefore, Open Studio Pilates takes pride in blending the best of traditional pilates instruction with the latest in contemporary pilates instruction—preserving tradition, while remaining “open” to new ideas and advances.


3 Unlimited Client Growth

Open Studio Pilates is committed to the idea that the studio should be “open” to (or allow for) unlimited client growth. As such, a person who is new to the exercise method can become introduced to pilates with the “$99 Get Started Package.” Another person, with prior pilates experience could try-out a group class at a single group class rate ($22.50). Finally, experienced group class (or private session) clients could use “open studio” hours ($12.50/50 minutes) to practice skills or create their own workouts using professional pilates equipment at affordable prices.


4 Studio & Equipment Rental

In addition to offering studio space to individuals, Open Studio Pilates also offers studio space and equipment rental to other qualified pilates instructors.  (To inquire about renting studio space and equipment, please contact Laura).


5 Clique-Free Environment

Open Studio Pilates strives to be “open” to all individuals who want to learn and practice pilates. There are no “insiders” or uncomfortable “cliques.” Everyone is known at the studio by his or her first name.  Like the familiar “Cheers” bar, OSP is a place where, “everybody knows your name.” Not only is the studio a great place to get an effective workout but, also, a destination to meet like-minded new friends!


6 Original Art

Finally, multi-dimensional meaning is not merely found in the term “open,” but in the word “studio” as well. The physical location of the business houses the owner’s love for pilates and art. All acrylic paintings in the studio have been created by Laura herself. Aside from being a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, she is also a recognized artist in both commercial and residential applications.

imgp0075 (Large)Jetsoni Twilight

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In Motion

“Everything has meaning.”

- Characteristics of SynchroDestiny, Deepak Chopra