Q What is Pilates?


“Pilates” is a method of exercise, developed by Joseph H. Pilates, to balance and strengthen the body from the inside out.  His unique system, focusing on the “powerhouse” (deep abdominal muscles, small spinal muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor), connects the mind to the body via the breath—creating bodies that are not only strong but flexible.

As opposed to other methods of exercise, which tend to isolate individual muscles, the Pilates Method focuses on the body as a whole—developing the body uniformly, correcting asymmetries, promoting postural control and physical vitality.  Many students find pilates useful after an injury to aid in fine-tuning their post rehabilitation and to aid in preventing re-injury.  However, the Method may be the most useful in avoiding many chronic postural-based and/or repetitive motion-type injuries in the first place!

Q What Type of Pilates is Practiced at Open Studio Pilates?

Open Studio Pilates takes pride in offering affordable, group reformer classes, blending the best of traditional pilates instruction with the latest in contemporary theory and technology—thus, providing a truly well-rounded pilates experience.


Q Who Should Do Pilates?

The Pilates Method of exercise is appropriate for all of the following:

  • Women and Men
  • Teenagers, Adults and Seniors
  • Post-Rehabilitative Patients
  • Chronic Pain Sufferers
  • Anyone seeking a long, lean, strong and flexible physique!
  • Anyone coping with stress!
  • Anyone desiring optimal health thru mind, body and spirit!

Q Would You Demonstrate Reformer


Q Further Questions?


Q Name a Few Iconic Pilates Exercises?






“Long Stretch”


“Short Box Stomach Control”


“Long Box Pulling Straps”


“Short Spine Massage”



The best pilates studio in town by far. The space is open, calm, and beautiful. Laura is wonderful, she always makes sure that you are doing everything properly and really works with you to create the perfect workout. Plus, it’s in a great location. You really can’t beat it!”

- Genene M.