What Others Are Saying About Open Studio Pilates

“Awesome pilates studio with a wonderful instructor. Laura has created a beautiful space and she keeps it affordable which is a rare find. Highly recommend!”
– Tina R.
“Great teacher and great studio! You will get individual attention even in group classes, which are affordable and offered at different times throughout the day. You will feel a difference!”
– Jennifer G.
“The best pilates studio in town by far. The space is open, calm, and beautiful. Laura is wonderful, she always makes sure that you are doing everything properly and really works with you to create the perfect workout. Plus, it’s in a great location. You really can’t beat it!”
– Genene M.
“Open Studio Pilates is THE BEST! I have tried other kinds of Pilates sessions, but have found nothing that compares to what Laura offers. From my experience with Pilates instructors that have even trained in NY at USPA, she exhibits the same knowledge and thorough understanding of true Pilates. Laura is very educated, professional and welcoming. Each class is interesting and can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced clients. I look forward to my sessions every week, which I can’t say about all my workout routines.”
– Rebecca M.
“As a massage therapist, proper self-care is a must. For two years, I have taken Pilates at Open Studio to bust stress, stay fit, and maintain mind/body health. Laura Detert’s expertise and sense of humor create a fun and effective experience. What I love most about Open Studio, is that Laura combines an amazing full body Pilates workout with meditative stretching and breathwork. I leave her classes feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to dive back into my busy practice. I recommend Open Studio to all of my clients!”
– Jennifer Butterwick, LMT Massage of Columbia
“Finally, I have discovered the most perfect work-out and instructor all in one! Open Studio Pilates was recommended to me by a friend so I called Laura to learn more. I had concerns because as a nurse, I had begun to experience back issues over the years and was looking for a safe, effective work-out to strengthen my back and other muscles. Laura spent a good deal of time answering my questions over the phone and discussing Pilates philosophy and her background. I was impressed! However, it has been experiencing Laura as an instructor that has me singing the praises of Open Studio! She is a caring, intuitive, talented person who guides every step of the way. I feel strong and refreshed after each work-out. She also offers great discounts. Thank you Laura!!!”
– Anna S.
“Laura is the best and her studio is perfect! I had looked around town for a Pilates studio or teacher that just spoke to me and Laura was it. I have wanted to do Pilates in a studio on a reformer for awhile now, especially after having a baby. I have done mat work in the past, but will probably never go back now. If you’re just a little interested or a lot interested, I believe her studio is the best. I have already seen results and I haven’t been there that long. Love it!!!”
– Stefanie A.
“I’m a guy. Laura’s reformer pilates class has worked really well for me to help build core strength, flexibility, & balance. This past year, I used Laura’s class as a major supplement to my physical therapy while recovering from shoulder surgery.”
– Charlie H.
“Without a doubt joining this studio has been one of the best choices I have made on my journey to well being. Laura is an excellent trainer, her knowledge of pilates and ability to customize to every client in the studio is amazing. It will be a year in April since joining and I am still learning and feeling challenged. She maintains a safe, clean environment. Her standards have not changes with growth! I have made several referrals and they have all been pleased.”
– Theresa F.
“Let me begin by saying that I recently turned 64 and have a few physical issues that many people my age often begin to have. I share that because before I started taking Reformer classes with Laura Detert at Open Studio Pilates, I wondered if I was too old to be successful. Happily, I found that I was not and have now been a student for almost a year. Prior to that time, I had sampled many forms of exercise, but none that I enjoy and benefit from as much as I do Reformer Pilates. Laura s instruction style engages your body and mind from the minute the class begins (classes do begin and end on time!) until it s over. It s the fastest 50 minutes in my day! Another thing that continues to amaze me is how Reformer Pilates is able to isolate and work muscles like no other form of exercise I’ve ever tried. For example, people from Jane Fonda back in the 80s to trainers at the gym last year have been trying to show me how to isolate my inner thigh muscle with no luck. Laura did it on her first try! That’s why I love Pilates ~ the work you put in during each class doesn’t go to waste. Also, over the course of the year that I have been a student, I’ve found that the movements Laura has us do vary greatly from class to class, so getting bored is never an option. In closing, if you re looking for something new to try, that is held in a safe and clean environment, with an experienced, knowledgeable, funny, and kind instructor, with people of all ages, and that is good for your body and your mind, give Open Studio Pilates a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.”
– Pat W.